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People say "Vikaaran toh door raho" par eh galat hai. Gal vikaaran toh door rehan di nahi, unha te kaabu paan di hai ji

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Why I don't like firecrackers !

Why I don\'t like firecrackers : 1) They create unnecessary air and noise pollution. They can prove fatal for people with Asthma or heart patients. Can we turn so unconcerned for such people? For others too, why do we have to go through all this pollution, just because someone wants to ‘celebrate’ !

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Commercial Granthi Sahib vs Suchet Granthi Sahib

Many of us have experienced this in our lives : when we have a strong desire for something, we go to Gurdwara Sahib and ask the Granthi Sahib to do Ardaas for us, so that our wishes are fulfilled. Below are two situations, which may occur :

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What is Dharam : An Exemplary Story

Centuries ago, there was a Gurukul where a number of students used to be taught by an old and experienced teacher. The teacher used to teach them many subjects like Sanskrit, Ganit, and amongst others one subject would be 'Dharam'. After years of teaching, it was time to send them home. So, he finally took a written test of all subjects except the subject 'Dharam'.

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Bani padan wale...

Bani padan wale sab Akaal Purakh di ustat kar rahe han ! Raag vich padna Kirtan kehlanda hai! Bina Raag de padna Paath kehlanda hai! Arth naal padna Katha kehlanda hai! Vichar ke padna Chintan kehlanda hai! Te Ras naal padna Simran ban janda hai!

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Jin Japya Tis Ko Balihaar, Tis Ke Sang Tare Sansaar

"Jin Japya Tis Ko Balihaar, Tis Ke Sang Tare Sansaar" Tusi eh shabad anek Gurmukh Mahapurakha de sambhandh vich suneya hovega. Es shabad de akhri arth ne "Jo Akaal Purakh de Naam vich leen ho gaye han, asi unha toh balihaar jaande ha. Unha di sangat da sadka, eh Sansaar vi tar jaanda hai" Asi sab eh shabad Sant/Brahmgiani/Mahapurakh layi te vartde ha, par ki kadi apne jeevan vich vi eh apply karan di sochi hai ?

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Request for Simran

"Ajapa Jap Hai.." When a Jigyasu tries to understand this concept, it is natural that he/she will ask "If Jap (Simran) is Ajapa (unuttured/without physical conciousness), then what is that, which I recite everyday with my Rasna (tounge)" If it be understood in the light of Gurbani, it would be clear that when we recite "Waheguru" with our Rasna (tounge) it is actually "Request for Simran" It's as if we are trying to say "He Waheguru! Sanu Naam De"

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Shikwe toh Shukrane tak !

Even if we get a small scratch on our body, we cry, we grudge, we complaint why this happened to us. Do we ever think what Sant Ashtwakar would have gone through. Hope, most of us know about Sant Ashtwakar. For those, who don't, here's a small brief. Sant Ashtwakar, a saint in the times of Mahabharat, was responsible for giving spiritual wisdom to Raja Janak. He got his name because he was born with 8 twists in his body. You can imagine how abnormal someone would look if his head is in one direction, chest in some other and feet in some other direction.

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Interview with God

I dreamed I had an interview with God.

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Sael Pathar Meh Jant Upaye Ta Ka Rijak Aage Kar Dharia

A few days ago, National Geographic Channel was showing the story of a mother ant, who was struggling to find food for her little ones, who had all but starved to death.