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King's Darbaar

King's A King was sitting on his throne when his 4 year old son came running to his "Darbaar". Seeing his son come, the King got up, came several steps forward to receive the child. Out of fatherly love, he made his son sit on his lap and offered him his favourite sweets. The servant who bought the sweets, got to sit in the King's feet and got engaged in serving the king by pressing his legs. While the King was busy playing with his son, a guard came in and informed that some traders from another city had come to discuss business with the King. The King refused to meet them, as according to him these traders were too selfish and only though of their own good. Now imagine, if some day, God calls us to his "Darbaar", how would we like to meet Him :Darbaar

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Strings that Attach us to Akaal Purakh

All of us have some fond memories of a "Mela" which we must have visited in our childhood. One particular attraction at these melas was a swing where we sat on a horse attached by a string/rope to the central pole around which all the horses rotated. Our life is very much like this swing, where we are the horses attached to Almighty through an unseen STRING. The central pole Almighty is the force around which we all rotate. Most of the times, this ride is smooth, but sometimes the string gets pulled a bit too much, thereby making the ride bumpy. This is what we call "Sukh" and "Dukh". But, may the ride by smooth or bumpy, we all must continue to be attached to the Central Driving Force : God.

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Maat Garabh Meh Aapan Simran De, Teh Tum Rakhanhare

Today, while reading the below lines from Hukamnama Sahib, I stopped for a while to ponder upon it

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5 Ailments in Human : Bhai Gurdaas Ji

ਗਜ ਮ੍ਰਿਗ ਮੀਨ ਪਤੰਗ ਅਲਿ ਇਕਤੁ ਇਕਤੁ ਰੋਗਿ ਪਚੰਦੇ॥ ਮਾਣਸ ਦੇਹੀ ਪੰਚਿ ਰੋਗ ਪੰਜੇ ਦੂਤ ਕੁਸੂਤੁ ਕਰੰਦੇ॥ Gaj Mrig Meen Patang Al Eikat Eikat Rog Pachange, Manas Dehi Panch Rog Panche Doot Kasoot Karande.

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What is Amrit Vela?

As you know there is lot of confusion on "Amrit Vela" in our Panth . I would like to give my view on the same, and hope you find it beneficial.

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Sukh Ate Dukh

Jigyasu : Agar mein Simran karanga/Sewa karanga, te ki mere jeevan toh mushkila-takleefa khatam ho jangiya?

Posted By Shabad Vichar    on Aug 15, 2011

Birad !

Rab di dargah wich Ik ta hunda hai karmaan (karam) da khaata, jitthe lekha padhya jaanda hai te ik khaata hunda h birad da khaata, jis wich karmaan da lekha faadh ditta jaanda hai !

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Tudh Aape Bhave Soyi Varte Ji !

TUDH AAPE BHAAVAE SOYI VARTE JI (Jo Tainu changa lagda hai ohi waaparda hai ; usey tarah he hunda hai ) TU AAPE KAREH SO HOYI ( Jo Tu karda hai , ohi hunda hai. Tere to siva koi hor dooja karanhaar nahi.)

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Saara din mehnat naal mazdoori karan to baad ik mazdoor Rs. 100 kamaanda hai jo ki chori ho jaande ne te ussnu istarah lagda hai jivein ki ussdi poore din di kiti mehnat dubb gayi hove !

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Man Di Ikagarta !

It is often said by most of us that ""paath kardeyan mann nahi jurda, Dhyaan path karde hoe kamm val dorda hai......"" so how can we win over our mann?