Posted By Shabad Vichar    on Nov 05, 2010

Why I don't like firecrackers !

Why I don't like firecrackers :


1) They create unnecessary air and noise pollution. They can prove fatal for people with Asthma or heart patients. Can we turn so unconcerned for such people? For others too, why do we have to go through all this pollution, just because someone wants to ‘celebrate’ !


2) For today's youth, Diwali is no more than a source of showing their might; they are least concerned about its history. If you don't agree, just ask any kid lighting firecrackers, as to why is he is doing so, or what happened on this day. Most likely, he won't even know who Shri Ram was. It's just a rat race, as to who can light the most magnificent or most colourful crackers. No wonder we have people competing for the loudest crackers till 12am- 1am on Diwali night.


3) Lighting crackers depicts one's inner destructive self.

When a festival can be celebrated quietly and by thanking God, why do we need to be so loud with our celebration, creating inconvenience to others? If one may consider it this way, crackers resemble the inner turbulence created by Vikaars. On the contrary, Gurmukhs do Simran/read Bani to tackle this inner turbulence and attain a 'Sehaj awastha'.


4) And not to forget the thousand of rupees spent on crackers could have been spent in a much more productive manner, like feeding the poor, helping the underprivileged or taking the responsibility of teaching a poor child !


Bhulan Chukan Di Khima,

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh !


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