Posted By Shabad Vichar    on Oct 31, 2009

What is Amrit Vela?

As you know there is lot of confusion on "Amrit Vela" in our Panth . I would like to give my view on the same, and hope you find it beneficial.
I am a firm believer in the ideology that " Jis Vele Naam Japya jaaye/ Bani padi jaaye, oh Vela hi Amrit Vela ban jaanda hai".

But, there is reference in Gurbani of Amrit Vela, ie. a time which is ripe for remembering Waheguru and a time, when there is minimum disturbance from outside and inside onself. Such references can be found in Shabads like "Amrit Vele Bolya Babiha, Ta Dar Suni Pukaar" and many more.

So, the below is a small effort to explain what time it could be :
1) "Aath Paher Aradho Swami" So, means there are 8 Pahers in a day. ie. 24 hours/8 Paher = 3 hours per Paher
2) The time 12 noon, is called Dopaher (2 Paher), because it marks the end of Second Paher of a day. So, this way, if we do reverse counting (ie 12noon - 2X3 hours = 6AM) Nights'/Ratri's last Paher ends at 6AM
3) You must have heard Gurumukh Pyare say "Sava (1.25) Paher Raat Rehnde Uth Jao" So, if we do reverse calculation from 6 AM, it would be 6AM - 1.25X3 hours = 6AM - 3 hours 45 minutes = 2:15 AM.

So, technically speaking, Amrit Vela is the time between 2:15 AM to 6AM. This makes sense, because there are references from Guru Itihaas, that when Mata Tripta Ji asked Guru Nanak, why he was awake in these hours, Guru Nanak Dev Ji replied that even the Babiha has got up and is calling his Pritam Pyara, then why should we sleep in this hours. Shouldn't we learn a lesson from this bird.

If you like the above explanation, pls. forward it to your known ones, and inspire others to raise early in the morning and Thank Waheguru for all the good things He has given us without our even asking for it. Though, by our saying, His presense will not change, but it will certainly make you realize that he is ALWAYS present with you.

If you have any suggestions to the above, pls. feel free to write to the original sender of this email.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !

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